8 Sep

Tickets are still available at the door . Please not time slots 12-2 or 3-5 . See You there !!!


One Response to “TICKETS !!”

  1. Geniece September 12, 2011 at 9:57 am #

    First off, great event! Cupcakes were delicious, tons of variety. A few suggestions for next year however….
    * Why not let folks bring their own containers? It would save you money on all those boxs, cut down on waste and it would likely be better for carrying. State on the tickets “containers will NOT be provided”.
    * The line was quite disorganinzed, where do VIPs go in, where do regular tickets holders line up, groupon…? Maybe the VIPs can go in 1/2 hour early to clear some space.
    * it seems that several of the participants ran out of cupcakes. I think you should let those with prepurchased tickets go in 1/2 hour before those buying tickets on the day of, another way to help slim the entry crowds and chaos in the room.
    * photo booth and DJ were cool additions!
    With all the chaos it was hard to determine where what cupcake came from by the time you actually got to eat it and find out how delicious it was. Reccomend to vendors that they use cupcake lines that have their business name, website….printed on them (of course with food grade ink!).

    Anyways just a few suggestions for an even better event next year!


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