Hi!  Welcome to Cupcake Camp OC’s blog. Cupcake Camp OC is a gathering of cupcake-lovers to raise money for a good cause.
How can you not love these cute miniature cakes with bright dollops of frosting on top? Bake or buy cupcakes to bring -or- just come to eat and help support the charity.  Activities include cupcake eating contests, raffles, bakers competitions, fundraiser and more.  The spirit of Cupcake Camp is SHARING: share cupcakes, share our joy of cupcakes, and share our fortune with those less fortunate than us.

We are 100% volunteer-organized and operated by the 2 of us cupcake fans (Kay & Tiffany).  There’s nothing in it for us besides the pure joy of being able to share and eat cupcakes with you.  We also strongly believe in our cause, anti-human trafficking, and want to bring awareness to our fellow cupcake friends.  To read more about the cause, please visit our Cause page.

The concept for Cupcake Camp originated in San Francisco and promotes a true spirit of community and sharing, and Cupcake Camps now happen around the world and come in a wide variety of flavors and sizes.  They’ve taken place in Paris, Montreal, Boston, and New York to name a few.  The most essential feature of a Cupcake Camp is that it brings people together to share their love of cupcakes!  It’s open to professionals, amateurs, and even first time bakers.

There are many different ways to participate in Cupcake Camp OC:

– bake or buy cupcakes to donate
– come to eat cupcakes
– help raise money for a good cause

The ticket price is $15 for general admission (children under 5 years old are $5) and VIP passes are available for $30. VIP passes help you bypass the lines outside so you can get into Cupcake Camp fast AND you get a VIP gift bag. How sweet is that?

Cupcake Camp OC is all about sharing and celebrating cupcakes, community and creativity. Charity never tasted sweeter!

Getting married? This is a perfect opportunity to sample from a selection of Orange County’s commercial cupcakebakers all in one stylish venue. Consider it the biggest “cake” tasting event of all time. Bring your family and find the perfect cupcake vendor for your special day.

QUANTITY: Min. Cupcake donations: PROS: 350+ /  AMATEURS: 150+

REGISTER: Please e-mail us at cupcakecampoc11@gmail.com or fill out the Bakers Registration Form

SCHEDULE: ** To be annouced **


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