What is Cupcake Camp?
Cupcake Camp is a cupcake fundraising event for charity.  Basically, we create an event where cupcakes get donated and you come to eat cupcakes for a donation.

Can I buy or sell cupcakes at the event?
No. CupcakeCamp is for people who want to bring cupcakes and share with others for a good cause.

Can I attend if I don’t bring cupcakes?
Yes! While bringing cupcakes is encouraged, we need people to eat cupcakes too.

Do we bake or decorate our cupcakes at the event?
No – your cupcakes should be ready to go at the event. However, feel free to organize your own baking get-togethers with friends before CupcakeCamp.

Where have other CupcakeCamps taken place?
People have organized CupcakeCamps all over the world, including San Francisco, Montreal, Seattle, New York, Dublin, and Sydney!

How much does it cost?
The ticket price is $15 for general admission (children under 5 years old are $5) and VIP passes are available for $30. VIP passes help you bypass the lines outside so you can get into Cupcake Camp fast.

Want to donate cupcakes?
Please check out our Donations page!

Can’t bake but want to donate cupcakes?
You can buy cupcakes and donate them. Don’t know where to get some? We can refer some bakers to you.

Want to donate cupcakes with company branding/colours?
Let us know and we’ll refer some bakers!

If you want to find out more about the origins of Cupcake Camp, how they’re organized and about Cupcake Camps around the world, visit www.CupcakeCamp.org.

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